Attention: Baby Boomers who want to create an inspired retirement.

Are you worried that:

  • Your retirement income won’t last?
  • You’ll lose a sense of purpose and meaning in your life?
  • You won’t be able to maintain your healthy lifestyle?

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Imagine Feeling ~

  • Confident that your financial plan will carry you through.
  • Fulfilled and “ready to rock” with your new life purpose and action plan.
  • Inspired by the meaningful bucket list you now have time to accomplish.
  • Healthier and more vital than before your retirement.
  • A deeper and more joyful connection with family and friends.

Virginia is a terrific listener and excellent at helping her clients get clarity.


When I started working with Virginia, I had been retired for over three years from a long career in teaching and was still dabbling in real estate. I felt stuck and wanted to double check that I wasn’t missing out on any major or obvious themes around retirement. She helped me see my areas of strengths and weaknesses and develop a purpose for my retirement. My retirement goals in all areas of my life became more crystallized. As Virginia listened and asked clarifying questions, I was able to think through my daydreams and spontaneous itches, putting some aside to consider later and moving forward with others.


Because she specializes in working with retirees, Virginia could understand the transition I was going through and confirm that I was on the right wavelength. By sharing her own and other retirees’ stories she validated my experiences and made me feel less isolated. I was encouraged not to overdo and to savor this time to try new things and enjoy my leisure.


Virginia is a terrific listener and excellent at helping her clients get clarity. I recommend that recent retirees get a checkup with her to assess if they are on track for a balanced, meaningful life. Through the coaching process they can put their dreams on the table, learn resources for accomplishing them, and be held accountable for acting on them.


Lucy Abernathy

Realtor, Educator, Corporate Trainer
San Diego, CA

If you go to Virginia for coaching, you will have an informed, caring, and “with it” advocate steering you through your process of retirement…


When Virginia began coaching me, I was working for a large corporation at a job where I was under a lot of stress. I knew I had to retire, but I was concerned, even fearful about it. Moving forward on my own was difficult given the retirement stereotypes I had inherited. I actually worried about having a lot of free time. What I needed was guidance to plan for retirement and accountability to follow through. Virginia provided me with exactly that.


Virginia’s coaching revealed new possibilities for my retirement . After taking the retirement assessment, I had a clearer picture of where I was. By setting goals in different areas and looking at how to use my time effectively, I had a retirement roadmap. My fears subsided, and I had the courage to retire without feeling panicked.


Now that I’m retired, I have a compass to navigate this new phase of my life. Meeting with Virginia through the first months of retirement helped me ease into my new life style–I have fine-tuned my schedule and dealt with those feelings of loss that come with any transition. I’m much more relaxed, get enough rest, enjoy life more, and have just enough to do. I recently joined a retirement discussion/support group that Virginia leads through Oasis to share my successes.


If you go to Virginia for coaching, you will have an informed, caring, and “with it” advocate steering you through your process of retirement, because she is retired herself and specializes in coaching retirees. She will provide you with the tools you need on your retirement journey through an organized coaching experience. It’s one of the most valuable things I have done – the right thing at the right time. Contact Virginia Berger.


Sandra C. Phillips

Staff Technical Writer
San Diego, CA

I feel more of a sense of calm and inner security about my retirement.

When I started working with Virginia, I had just retired from a full-time teaching position. I was feeling a little disoriented and directionless without a schedule to follow or a purpose for my life. Since I live alone, I really missed the contact with students and colleagues and was feeling isolated and bored. I wasn’t sure how to stay connected socially to my work friends and how to reach out to new friends. I also was challenged to find a new career or reinvent my former one in retirement .


After coaching with Virginia, I’m clear about the professional path I want to pursue and will be traveling overseas to do some related work. I’m closer to my family, in touch with them more often. I now have a plan to develop meaningful and supportive relationships in retirement.

Most importantly I realized that health has to be my primary focus at this point. Virginia helped me create a daily schedule that allows me to take care of myself through better eating habits, exercise, and time for quiet reflection.

These changes have helped me feel more of a sense of calm and inner security. Now I feel very optimistic about life after retirement.

What I like the most about Virginia’s coaching is her willingness to listen with encouragement and not with judgment. I also admire her depth, intelligence, and sensitivity.

These qualities plus her self-examination of her own retirement process and specialized training make her an  effective retirement coach.

Pat Bennett

Professor Emeritus,
Grossmont College
San Diego, California

Virginia helped me gain a greater sense of clarity, focus, and control over my life.

When I first started coaching with Virginia, I was transitioning from a full-time to a part-time teaching position as part of a Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP). My husband and I had also recently moved to a new city. While I thought I was adjusting well to this new chapter, I didn’t realize how much in my life was still fluid.


Retirement Coaching with Virginia helped me gain a greater sense of clarity, focus, and control over my life. With this came a growing sense of peace and joy. I’m excited because I see many new opportunities and possibilities I didn’t see before, and with Virginia’s help I’m taking steps to explore them.


Virginia has some wonderful specialized tools and knowledge that have helped me move forward in areas where I am seeking answers, such as in replacing work benefits and leisure activities.


She has also helped me clearly see and build on the areas I’m confident in, such as finances, relationships, and personal development.


What I like about working with Virginia is her intuitive and empathetic listening. She’s very good at reading between the lines, always alert to what I’m saying and in sync with me. Her insightful questions, observations and amazing capacity for clarity and encouragement support me in feeling very valued and loved.


I know that Virginia’s honesty, caring and support will free you to unleash your potential within, just as it has with me. If you’re looking for a retirement coach, Virginia’s the one!


Martha Doran
Professor Emeritus,
San Diego State University
Ventura, CA