!!!!!!!! FREE WINTER CONCERT   !!!!!!!!

Pacificaires and Cedar Center Chorus present a 2018 Winter Concert

Join the Pacificaires and Cedar Center Chorus for our free concert under the direction of Eunice Williams and co-instructors Stewart Simon and Patricia Cox. The program will be a musical treat, with soloists, small ensembles and the full chorus of 80+ voices singing a varied program of entertaining and inspiring pieces. We will again have our wonderful instrumental ensemble to accompany us.

The theme of our program is “The Song Within“. The performance will include the usual great variety we are known for. Among the pieces are the hauntingly beautiful “Flight Song” and the intricate Kenyan folk song, “Wana Baraka”. Yearn to “Homeward Bound” and be lifted by the great Shawn Krichner’s “I’ll Be On My Way”.

The concert will be at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Feb 10, at the Creative Performing Media Arts School Auditorium, 5050 Conrad Avenue, San Diego, Ca 92117. Ample seating and parking are available for this performance. The concert will be a little over an hour long. And did I mention that it’s free?

Come be inspired by “older” adults who are expressing their creative spirit and talent through song!



494 It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again Discussion Group 

Tuesday      02/06/18 – 03/27/18       10:00 – 12:00
The Unity Center Café – 8999 Activity Road, San Diego 92126  

Are you wondering, “What’s next?” as you move through the transition into retirement or aging? Would you like to explore the challenges of these years in a safe, supportive environment? Join this lively discussion group based on the book It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again- Discovering Creativity and Meaning at Midlife and Beyond by Julia Cameron, the bestselling author of The Artist’s Way. You will reignite your sense of purpose, connection, joy, vitality, adventure and more as you discuss the chapters and work with the basic tools of Morning Pages, Artist Dates, Walks, and a Memoir. You are encouraged to purchase your own book before the first class. Your facilitator, Virginia Berger, M.A., CPC, ACC, is a retired educator, now a professional coach specializing in life’s transitions, especially retirement and conscious aging.

Instructor: Virginia B. Berger, Certified Retirement Coach
$ 96.00

To Register go to www. San DiegoOasis.org or Call 619-881-6262


507 Wake up to Ageism and Push Back 

Wednesday   April 4    10:00 – 12:00
Grossmont Lifelong Learning Center SH   


Where did you last encounter ageism? How do you know if you have internalized stereotypes that may be disempowering you? Discover what ageism is and how it has distorted our view of aging, making it something to fear rather than a lifelong process. Share examples of behaviors and attitudes in your own world that reflect ageism. Explore together in small groups ways that we can push back against ageism.


Instructor: Virginia B. Berger
$ 12.00

To Register go to www. San DiegoOasis.org or Call 619-881-6262




OF 0004.53 Baby Boomers on the Threshold: Managing the Transition into Aging

There’s no denying the demographic data — as baby boomers are moving into the “older” or “aging” category, more and more are staying there for 20, 30, or more years. Moving through transitions related to aging — role, status, physical ability, relationships, spirituality — can present challenges and opportunities. Using change consultant William Bridge’s “transition model,” we’ll explore different ways baby boomers respond to steps in the process: endings, neutral zone, and beginnings. Assess whether you’re a denialist, realist, or enthusiast and explore ways to move closer to acceptance and even enthusiasm.


Instructor: Virginia B Berger, M.A.

Date: Wednesday, April 11 10-11:50 AM

Schedule No. 18SP 999850 OF

Fee: $15

To Register go to www.neverstoplearning.net/olli Or Call 619-594-2863