Virginia Berger, CPC, CRC, ACC

Retirement coach, Virginia Berger, helps Baby Boomers create an inspired action plan for their retirement that reflects their values and dreams. Her goal for all her clients, whether they are planning retirement or have recently retired, is growth, fulfillment and peace of mind.
A retiree herself, Virginia has successfully navigated the transition from a 60-hour-plus full-time position, to part-time work in the same field, to starting a business in the completely new and exciting field of coaching.
Virginia helps clients

  • Assess their current readiness for retirement
  • Develop a motivating retirement mission statement
  • Create a practical action plan and work through any blocks to realizing it
  • Experience the joy and vitality of living a purposeful retirement

Virginia holds an undergraduate degree in Education from Adelphi University, a master’s in Teacher Education from the University of Southern California and a master’s in Applied Linguistics from San Diego State University.
In 2009, Virginia started her coaching career helping at-risk community college students successfully transition to the demands of the academic world. She is now a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner. She is further credentialed as a Certified Retirement Coach by Retirement Options and certified by the International Coaching Federation.
Virginia lives in San Diego with her favorite retiree-turned-writer, her husband George. Her choral singing brings her great joy as does travel, especially to visit her two sons and grandsons, Matthew and Joaquin. She keeps focused, healthy and flexible with walking, yoga, meditation and dancing.

Virginia Berger

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You’ve taken the first step!

Being here now shows that you are invested in making your retirement one of the most fulfilling, exciting, and happy periods of your life.
Whether you intend to keep working at some level or develop other interests, you’re ready to plan a retirement that is rich with peace and purpose, interest and stimulation, rest and play, care and compassion.
When I retired a few years ago, I spent a lot of time spinning my wheels, feeling lost about what I really wanted to become in this new chapter of my life. Although I was “busy,” I felt empty — until I found coaching.
Now I realize I could have started this exciting journey much sooner.
And that’s exactly what I can help you do. I invite you to talk with me and explore how coaching can help you plan a more focused and rewarding retirement.
Grab the Opportunity

Right now you may be feeling overwhelmed with all the uncertainties the transition to retirement brings.
Wouldn’t it be empowering to have a clear vision and prioritized bucket list of activities to look forward to?
Read on to learn how I can help you. Not only have I gone through this transition myself, I am trained as a certified retirement coach.
I know the territory and would love to serve as your guide!

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“Baby Boomers about to retire or recently retired, I can help you create a purpose and action plan for your retirement that match your values and dreams, bringing you growth, fulfillment, and peace of mind.”  

Through this coaching journey with me, clients…

  • Get clarity about how prepared they are for retirement
  • Create a vision of what they want
  • Develop an action plan with specific strategies..
  • Work through any blocks to moving forward
  • Experience the joy and fulfillment that come from implementing the plan

For more information, to learn about my programs, or to request a
FREE Inspired Retirement Strategy Session, please contact me at   I or a member of my team will get back to you personally.